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Event Details
Event Title Infographics and Data Visualisation 
Start Date 22/05/2018 
End Date  22/05/2018 
Venue  South Wiltshire UTC, Wilton Road, Salisbury, SP2 7EU 
Registration Starts 6:30 PM 
Presentation Start Time 7:00 PM 
Presentation End Time 8:00 PM 
Speakers Yola O’Hara 
Event Synopsis

Yola will talk about the phenomenon of images, how we humans relay on them and why do we need visualisation. She will speak briefly about the changes that visualisation has gone through the ages bring us into the modern day of mind-maps, dashboards, 4 dimensional graphs and animated infographics. Data visualisation goes beyond analysis. It brings data and text to life. It keeps you interested, helps you to see trends, saves your time and makes you remember facts for longer.

Yola came to the UK 20 years ago and after a successful career with various international corporations she set up her own company Visually Explained Ltd, where she is able to focus on what she loves doing the most: visual content marketing, which in today’s world is more successful than any other form of communication. Yola has a unique ability to take complicated concepts: text or data and translate them into easy to understand infographics and images. She has creative eye for detail when it comes to creating impactful graphics.

An essential event for those with an interest in the visulisation of data.

The event is free and open to non-BCS members.
Light refreshments will be provide

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