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Total Events: 92
Start Date End Date  Event Title Speakers Details 
10/10/2006  10/10/2006  Review of Radio Frequency Identification Technology Development  Paul Chartier  Details 
29/06/2006  29/06/2006  Swindon BCS Branch AGM & Professionalism in IT  Antony Hayes, Charles Hughes  Details 
24/04/2006  24/04/2006  IT Law Update  Rachel Burnett  Details 
06/04/2006  06/04/2006  Business Process Management  Martyn Ould  Details 
23/03/2006  23/03/2006  Joint Meeting with 'Wired West'  Michael Nutley   
16/02/2006  16/02/2006  Lean Software Development  Dewi Daniels  Details 
26/01/2006  26/01/2006  State Transition Testing  Peter Quentin  Details 
11/10/2005  11/10/2005  AI Past, Present and Future  Professor Nigel Shadbolte  Details 
13/09/2005  13/09/2005  Trust and Crime in the Internet Age dvance-ser  Professor Collins   
02/08/2005  02/08/2005  Computer Evidence  Jon Mitchell  Details 
07/06/2005  07/06/2005  Swindon BCS Branch AGM & VMWare and Virtualisation  Antont Hayes, Richard Garsthagen  Details 
26/04/2005  26/04/2005  Swindon BCS Branch Launch Event & Invisible Architecture  Collin Thompson, Jenny Ure  Details 
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