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Total Events: 92
Start Date End Date  Event Title Speakers Details 
15/03/2011  15/03/2011  Systems Engineers - “Do we really need them?"  Malcolm Touchin  Details 
01/02/2011  01/02/2011  Beyond Computer Generated Imagery – It is Coming to a Screen Near You!  Andrew Dymond   
23/11/2010  23/11/2010  PRINCE2: It’s just “Structured Common Sense”  David Tylern  Details 
12/10/2010  12/10/2010  Spam, Spam, Spam and How it Means More Viruses  Martin Lee   
20/09/2010  20/09/2010  BCS President’s Vision and AGM  Elizabeth Sparrow  Details 
09/08/2010  09/08/2010  Networking Event for IT Professionals  Noneaydayl   
24/05/2010  24/05/2010  Bletchley Park – The Enigma Enigma  Nick Miers and Sue Black   
17/05/2010  17/05/2010  ScratchIT  Peter Marshman   
16/03/2010  16/03/2010  How much Mathematics does an Internet user use?  Professor James Davenport   
24/02/2010  24/02/2010  Forensic Computing Research  Dr Chris Hargreaves  Details 
21/01/2010  21/01/2010  "Systems Thinking" - its role in Business Analysis  Geoff Hunt  Details 
10/12/2009  10/12/2009  IT in Construction – It’s not Just Muck and Bullets  David Throsell  Details 
26/11/2009  26/11/2009  Street Fighting Techniques in Negotiating Computer Contracts  Jeremy Holt  Details 
13/10/2009  13/10/2009  An Exposition on Virtual Worldsice  Ian Hughes  Details 
24/09/2009  24/09/2009  Evolutionary Computing: "Optimising the World"  Dr Evan Hughes  Details 
30/06/2009  30/06/2009  Chairman’s Invitation Lecture & AGM  Alan Pollard  Details 
28/04/2009  28/04/2009  Enterprise Clouds: The Office of the Future?  Mike Conner  Details 
07/02/2009  07/02/2009  YPG Event - Information Security Careers Day  Debi Ashenden, Alexander Lucas, Will Deane  Details 
15/01/2009  15/01/2009  Digital Forensics - The Challenges and Opportunities advance  Marc Kirby  Details 
11/12/2008  11/12/2008  Are You Making These Risk Management Mistakes?  Bryan Barrow  Details 
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