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Start Date End Date  Event Title Speakers Details 
06/03/2014  06/03/2014  Project Delivery: The Importance of Experience  Darren Jefford   
04/02/2014  04/02/2014  Healthcare Technology: The Evolution: Past, Present and Future  Dr. David Jehring   
16/01/2014  16/01/2014  How Big is your Shadow?  James Chappell   
06/11/2013  06/11/2013  AGM and Moment of Surrender: "Reconsidering Attribution in Cyber Defence"  Dr. Siraj Shaikh   
27/08/2013  27/08/2013  The Laws of Robotics  Jeremy Holt   
13/06/2013  13/06/2013  From Medicine to Moon Bases – An Introduction to 3D Printing in Business, Education and Space  Iain Major  Details 
25/04/2013  25/04/2013  Social Media – Legal considerations for the smart organisation!  Jeremy Holt   
19/03/2013  19/03/2013  Technological Evolution in Cinema : A Journey to the Fourth Dimension  Andrew Dymond   
30/01/2013  30/01/2013  Agile Project Management  Caroline Clewlow  Details 
23/10/2012  23/10/2012  TickITplus: "A Path to Excellence in the Capability Dimension" and Branch AGM  Graham Gee   
08/10/2012  08/10/2012  Robotics: "An insight into currect projects and achievement from Bristol Robotic Laboratory"  Professor Alan Winfield   
04/09/2012  04/09/2012  Chartered IT Professional - An Assessor's View  John Easton  Details 
24/07/2012  24/07/2012  An Anatomy of a Risk Assessment  Thom Langford   
26/04/2012  26/04/2012  Requirements Capture - There's no Silver Bullet!  Steve McIntosh  Details 
29/03/2012  29/03/2012  Minimise Risk When Enhancing an Enterprise Resource Planning System  Keith Philip   
12/01/2012  12/01/2012  ‘Cyber-Babble’: Finally a New Paradigm or Just The Same Old Stuff  Patrick Tyrrell  Details 
30/08/2011  30/08/2011  BCS Wiltshire Branch Open Evening at Museum of Computing, Swindon  Variousayd   
29/06/2011  29/06/2011  The Story of Public-key Cryptography – History, Evolution and Developments  Peter Hill  Details 
07/06/2011  07/06/2011  Unified Communications in the Real World - Single Numbers, Dual Toast and Triple Fork!  Neil Innes  Details 
12/04/2011  12/04/2011  "Dogfights In The Cloud" - Street Fighting Techniques In Negotiating Cloud Computing Contracts  Jeremy Holt   
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