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Total Events: 88
Start Date End Date  Event Title Speakers Details 
10/10/2016  10/10/2016  Virtual Reality: Living in the Immaterial World  Mark Miles   
28/09/2016  28/09/2016  AGM and "Truenorth, The Neuro-synaptic Chip - Inspired by the Human Brain; Creat  Dave Conway-Jones   
19/07/2016  19/07/2016  Cognitive Computing  Dale Lane   
22/06/2016  22/06/2016  Cognitive Computing  Dale Lane   
17/05/2016  17/05/2016  Social Technology in the Workplace: Benefits and Behaviours  Glyn Jones    
23/02/2016  23/02/2016  Social Technology in the Workplace: Benefits and Behaviours  Glyn Jones    
28/01/2016  28/01/2016  Legal Aspects of the "Internet of Things"  Jeremy Holt  Details 
02/12/2015  02/12/2015  From Robot Ethics to Ethical Robots  Professor Alan Winfield   
24/06/2015  24/06/2015  Cyber Defence - Vulnerability Risk Assessments  Neil Bowman  Details 
30/04/2015  30/04/2015  App and Game Development: Intellectualising Property with Passion  James Carroll   
26/02/2015  26/02/2015  Business Intelligence: “And I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”  John Calford  Details 
15/01/2015  15/01/2015  AGM and "Is there really such a thing as the IT profession?"  David Evans   
29/10/2014  29/10/2014  Title - Beyond CGI - Coming to a Screen Near You Soon!  Andrew Dymond, MD of Lightworx   
09/09/2014  09/09/2014  Agile Project Management  David Nicoll   
17/06/2014  17/06/2014  The Challenges of Capacity Managing a Modern IT Infrastructure: "Balancing the Budget – Capacity vs. Cash"  Ashley Shepherd   
13/05/2014  13/05/2014  “Application Lifecycle Management”  Adam Boonham   
06/03/2014  06/03/2014  Project Delivery: The Importance of Experience  Darren Jefford   
04/02/2014  04/02/2014  Healthcare Technology: The Evolution: Past, Present and Future  Dr. David Jehring   
16/01/2014  16/01/2014  How Big is your Shadow?  James Chappell   
06/11/2013  06/11/2013  AGM and Moment of Surrender: "Reconsidering Attribution in Cyber Defence"  Dr. Siraj Shaikh   
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